Hello world! Happy 2011

Hello World! Welcome to my newly created website.

This year, my New Years Resolution was to start blogging, so here I am, loud and proud!

To introduce myself, my name is Karlie, and I’m a Melbournian currently living in London, creating one-of-a-kind statement pieces of jewellery and accessories from old vintage jewels and components. I love the idea of breathing a new lease of life into pieces that exude character and stories of past life and love; And being a bit of a magpie I adore all things big, bold and sparkly, so I’m constantly scouring the vintage fairs and markets of London for the next amazing piece to set my pulse racing… easily pleased maybe.. but happy as a clam in my little vintage world.

I have high hopes and aspirations for my collection this year, and you can follow my journey of findings, creations and inspirations right here.

If I could take the opportunity to send out a big thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to read my blog.. I always love to receive any comments or feedback..

But for now I leave you with a trunk show of some of my favourite pieces so far-

x Karlie


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