2DM Blogazine Feature

Hi All,

Exciting news!.. I’ve just been featured in an interview article by the fabulous 2DM Italian Blogazine!

To take a peek, please click the following link, and let me know what you think:                                                                                  http://www.2dmblogazine.it/2011/02/guest-interview-n%c2%b022-karlie-gartner/

Guest Interview n°22: Karlie Gartner

Opening snippet:

“Desired, evocative, esteemed, and no two are alike. Organic creations merging past and present to tell an individualistic tale and yet simultaneously continuing anew for the one who wears a jeweled piece made by Karlie Gartner. The beauty of these one of a kind jewels, is that they originate from another time and place and find their way to Karlie, are deconstructed, and made to order as her eye and creative hands see fit. Extravagant and bespoke melodies to be adorned, each with its own special story to tell, and upon first sight, it’s love. We crave what no one else has, and Karlie gives this special gift. These are transformation pieces, and they all carry the whimsical, the royal, and a never-ending dream… which is in fact the key in fashion that is so intensely sought out. We caught up with Karlie to get into the details of what makes these hand-made historical jeweled pieces so delightfully inviting to the eyes.”

Interview and introduction by Coco Brown.


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